Grow a Little Love (09-01-RRP-009)

19 01 2008


spot on with the guessing, a little Love Tree with a sentiment of “In My Garden Love Grows” for the next release. 

It’s perfect for Valentines day, but will also work for lots of other occasions too.  I can’t wait to get my hands on it and stamp a whole orchard.

We’re going to send it off to the platemakers tomorrow, and it should be in our eagerly waiting paws by mid-week ….. the Rubbah Elf will then be sent out into the cold to work his magic!

Obviously, there won’t be a guess the name comp for this one, but we will have a giveaway of some kind – we’ll put our thinking caps on to see what we can do.

I’m working on a couple of designs, which should be ready next week as well, and I’ll let you into a secret that one of my dear friends is also working on some designs.

In the next few days we’ll be announcing the Guest DT Member for the next couple of months, somebody I am really delighted to have on board, and also some news about another designer.

Toodles too, has a bit of news:  she has decided to award a Kids Special Crafting Award every now and again  …. and we believe that she’s very close to letting you who the recipient(s) are going to be.  Why her “special” award we asked ….. and the answer it would seem is because it really will be special occasion when she awards one …… she ‘s not planning on giving many away (tight fisted little harpie) and they will only go to really wonderful kids who love stamps and crafting as much as she does!  So watch this space (and maybe your email box) for the first award.