Thought I’d just give you an update

27 08 2008

things are ticking along nicely. 

At the secret location the stamp elves are getting the workshop read to sweep into action when the cooker arrives, and there is lots of behind the scenes activity in the way of designing and brainstorming going on.

Initially, there will be the two lines: “Toodles & Binks” for the cuter side of life, and the “aRt-i-Tude” line, which will cater for the more arty/different taste in stamping.  There’s a lovely designer on board from the States that we till tell you about later on, and also a fabulous quotations line in the pipeline.

Both lines will be sold via Stamp Galaxy, who also cater for international/european sales, and this will be reviewed after a short time to see if we can find some retail outlets.

The only thing that is holding us up currently is the cooker.  I can’t tell you how eagerly I grab my mobile each time it rings, just in case it’s the delivery men arranging the all vital delivery date.  I think I may well pop with the excitement.

I suppose that I should also mention that we are going to be aiming to produce stamps for others, so if there are any budding stamp designers out there, get in touch.  The relevant contact details will be put up on the blog in the near future.

Watch this space, because as soon as we are in a position to start cooking there will be some tasters on there, and also some blog candy to kick it all off.




At a secret location

15 08 2008

hidden in the undergrowth – we are preparing for an exciting event.  Oh yes indeed, the equipment has been finally ordered (and paid for), and we are waiting for the Ruuber Elves to put it all together and fly it out to us.

We’re also holding several designs hostage til they come up with the goods – so it won’t be long now before we can start producing new designs.

Once we are up and running, we’ll also be more than happy to produce designs for others, so if you ever thought you would like your own line of stamps, get in touch.

We’ve found some lovely stuff so far

2 08 2008

so things are moving along quite nicely.

By way of some random clues, so far we have:

  • Arty Fairies
  • strawberries
  • Poppies
  • Fish
  • Patterns, lots of patterns