Ready for another Seak Peak of **** and a chance to win him!

11 10 2008

here are a few clues, and it might be a test of just how well you know my Mum (Kay at Stamp Galaxy), there are probably a few clues below to get you started, and you can possibly get the answers if you read her blog.

I was drawn by Big Sister, Genevieve.  My Best Friend, as you know is Celeste, and we love to hang out together.  Here are a few of my favourite things:-

  • Favourite colour:  Fawn
  • Favourite piece of equipment:  Straighteners, my fur can be sooo curly.
  • Favourite time of the week:  Sunday mid-mornings chillin’ out listening to the radio, eating brunch with Celeste and the rest of the family and then a gamble in the woods.

Go one, have a go at guessing my name, you could win me.




21 responses

12 10 2008
Chicken Licken

I think you should be Mistletoe!

12 10 2008

I have just discovered your website/blog, coming from Fran’s blog. You’re lucky to have her as part of your DT 🙂

Your stamps look adorable and I am hoping that in the future I’ll be able to order some [hope you ship to Romania too :)]

I’d like to take a guess at the cute reindeer’s name – I think it might be JON 😉
His eyes are definitely irresistible.

Best wishes,

13 10 2008

I think his name is Rupert!
He is adorable, this is my first visit to your site – off to have a look around!


13 10 2008

I’d call him holly – he is so cute

13 10 2008

Hmmm…a name…maybe Sophie.

14 10 2008
Anna aka Oma

I’m not good at guessing, but I’ll take a stab at it. I think his name is Rudolph!

14 10 2008

Here’s my guess …… Star

14 10 2008

New to your blog. I’m really not convinced my answer is right, but here it goes. Could it be Guy?

14 10 2008

Cute little guy.
Here are some of my guesses:
Thanks for a chance.

14 10 2008

I’d shorten his name from Rudolph to …. Rudy! lol

14 10 2008

This little guy is so cute! Love his eyes! They look like Balckberry! My guesses would be:

Blackberry or maybe

Good luck to everybody!

14 10 2008

Sorry, I misspelled the word Blackberry in my previous post…

14 10 2008
Toni K

I think Twink would be a cute name!

14 10 2008
Pat W

He is just adorable. I might call him Binky!!

15 10 2008

I think the name might be Berry since there are berries around his neck? If not I still think he is cute!

15 10 2008

My guess is Trixie.

15 10 2008
Lisa Keeffe

I am going to guess his name is Blitzen. He is too cute! Lovey him! thanks, Lisa K in TX

15 10 2008
Krista P

So many cute names to decide from, how about Rubbah.

16 10 2008
Peggy Salomonsson

Curly…he seems to have a fur issue.

16 10 2008

I’m sure it’s some french name, but I will guess for Snow white. Can’t come up with anything better, lol.


23 10 2008

If I followed the clues correctly, I think this cute guy’s name is Joel.

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