Andrea (UK DT) Toodles & Binks Skate (KXR-005)

29 11 2008



Check out Andrea’s blog for her whole post.

Lovely Toodles & Binks Skate Stamp (KXR-005) by Kathleen Rietz.


Fran (UK) – Toodles & Binks Skate (KXR-005)

28 11 2008



Fran’s been busy. Check out her blog, so read all about it.


Toodles & Binks Skate is designed by Kathleen Rietz.

New designs are being worked on and Toodles & is up

27 11 2008

after a very cold and uninspiring day, it was lovely to get my hands on some fabbie new designs that Geneveive is working on, and also to see that Stu has managed to get the holding page for Tooldes and up and running – it look pretty.  It just shows a couple of images and links to the blog and contact info, but that’ll do for the time being.

Hurry up Genevieve, I need those new designs (and so does Caz by way of a clue) …..

It’s officialy…..we now have a Bricks & Mortar Retail Partner for Toodles & Binks Stamps

25 11 2008

we’re deligthed to announce our first Retail Partner:

Oyster Stamps, Unit 11, Rochester Airport Industrial Estate, Laker Road, Rochester, Kent ME1 3QZ.  Telephone:  01634 686823

 They do manage to get to quite a few shows throughout the Country, so keep your eyes peeled for our distinctive packaging.

Leann (UK DT) Toodles & Binks Skate (KXR-005)

25 11 2008



Leann’s got the stamps, and if you want to see the front of this card, check out here blog.  Here’s a sneak peek of it though.



Leann’s Xmas Joel Mojo – DT (UK) – RRP-002

24 11 2008


and what mojo.  Check our here blog here.

….and the winners are ………..

22 11 2008

the guess the name of the boy competition is now closed, and actually two of you were nearly there with the answer, and I’m feeling extra specially generaous and have picked a third winner who was quite close, but also has a fabulous craft room.

Clearly, you all need to tune into a certain 6Music digial radio show on a Sunday morning to work out how Kay’s mind works……although, we’re forced to do that every Sunday, and we’re still not certain what goes on in there (glitter mostly)!

She assures this is the perfectly sane reasoning behind the choice (are you ready, we’re not sure we are?

The lovely and gorgeous Jon, has a new sidekick since the sad departure of Russell, who’s name is Matthew (a big and jolly lad with a fantastic giggle). Currently he’s on a diet, but under normal circumstances loves sweeties and other general good stuff – with her so far, try to stay alert she now goes into hard-bitten podcast territory – in the glory days of Jon and Russell (possibly the best and funniest podcasts) she, and Toodles, have a favourite one that mentions pancakes: in which Russell does a marvellous impression of an old lady talking to her Arthur. Told you all she was mad as a hatter!

So in the world of Kay, thus Matthew easting a lollipop with Arthur watching, but with the French twist of Matthieu ….. and, well Arthur is the same in both.

Two of you were nearly there with Jon and Russell, so you both get a stamp each, plus a bonus prize to somebody for having such a lovely craft room. Please can you email us your addresses, and well done to: