Amelie Bunnykins (RRP-011)

21 03 2009


introducing the lovely Amelie Bunnykins……the sweetest choccie loving bunny around.

To win her and some yummy choccies for Easter, just place a link to this post on your blog, and leave a comment below with the link to your blog and tell us who your favourite 3 male leads in films, tv, radio, threatre or a book are.

Kay obviously would list

  • David Tennant (in anything)
  • Jon Richardson (best DJ and comedian around)
  • Edward Cullen (purely fictional and delicious vampire from Twilight Series of books by Stephanie Meyer)

Can’t wait to see who figures in your list.




32 responses

21 03 2009

oh my males would be
Richard Gere
leonardo de capri
Hugh Grant
thanks for the chance to play along
hugs Debra xx

21 03 2009
Char in So Cal

Amelie is just adorable!

As for three male lead actors who are my FAVE I would have to say:

1. Will Smith
2. Jim Carrey
3. Harrison Ford

Thanks for the op to win your YUMMY blog candy!!

Char in So Cal
{scrampaddict} {at} {cox} {dot} {net}
darn spammers!! LOL

21 03 2009

Noooooo ~ David Tennant’s mine!!!!!

22 03 2009
Lisa F

Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful stamp – SO cute! I linked you on my blog sidebar (lisafoust (at) gmail (dot) com

My favorite male actors would be
1. Edward Cullen (yep – he can bite my neck ANYTIME)
2. Will Smith
3. Richard Gere

22 03 2009

I wanna win Amelie Bunnykins!!! She’s too cute!

My fave top 3 are:

1. Pierce Brosnan
2. Patrick Dempsey
3. Olivier Martinez (super hot!)

bunnybx at gmail . com

22 03 2009

ooh… this stamp is soooo cute!!! Thanks for sharing this candy!!

My 3 favorites :
-Milow (great music… from Belgium)
-Bart Moeyaert (Beglian writer… lovely books, lovely person!)
-Stefan Brijs (great writer… from here, Belgium)


22 03 2009

This stamp is really cute.

1. Nicolas Cage
2. Richard Gere
3. Pierce Brosnan

Thanks for a chance to win

22 03 2009

She is so cute!!!
Here is my blog post:

My top 3:
1. Johnny Depp
2. Hugh Grant
3. Owen Wilson

22 03 2009

She is just too cute!
My 3 fav male leads are:-
1. Patrick Swayzee
2. Hugh Grant
3. Richard E. Grant

Thanks for the opportunity to enter this candy I have linked on my side bar candy shop here


22 03 2009
Denise Morgans

Wow what amazing candy, such a cutie image. My fave three male leads would be:

1. David Boreanaz (Angel, Bones – extremely dreamy)
2. David Tennant (funny and dreamy – Kay we could share!)
3. James Roday (Psych – so funny)

Thanks for the chance to win. I’ll add a link on my sidebar to let everyone know. Hugs, Denise x

22 03 2009

Will Smith
Richard Gere (He isn’t in much anymore)
and my favorite is, oh, I can’t remember is name, Magnum PI

That bunny is soooo cute. Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I posting a link on my blog. Oh, Tom Sellick.


23 03 2009
Cheri Howard

What a cute bunny! I’ve linked you up on my blog – look for the CandyBar!

Hmmm…male leads, eh? I may be a young’un, but I really go for the men from the Golden Days of film. I have sooooo many faves, but here are three:

Carey Grant
Clark Gable
Gregory Peck

23 03 2009

OMG these are TOOOOOOO cute!! I cant wait to play!!!


24 03 2009

This rabbit is so cute.

1 Nicolas Cage
2 Richard Gere
3 Pierce Brosnan

Thanks for a chance to win!

24 03 2009

My men are:
1. John Travolta
2. Bill Pullman
3. Will Smith

I have you linked at

24 03 2009

WOW, What a cute Image.
Thats so sweet.
I have posted your Candy on the Sidebar on my Blog!


24 03 2009

chocolate and guys! what’s better than this? LOL!
well, I love Johnny Depp (LOVE!), Zac Efron (that guy from hairspray!… and highschool musical but I don’t count that) and Orlando Bloom (HOT)!
I blogged you here:

24 03 2009

Oh, Amelie Bunnykins is so cute! Would love to win it!
My fav men are: Pierce Brosnan, Richard Gere and Mario Adorf
Thank you so much for this chance. I’ll leave your candy in my sidebar .
Greetings Regina from Germany

24 03 2009

My 3 fave males have got to be……. (hmm….)

1. Viggo Mortensen in lord of the rings…. yummy 🙂
2. Vin Diesel in ANYTHING 🙂
3. David Tennant aswell 🙂

Em xxxx

24 03 2009

Hi, lovely image!

My fave 3 are:
Richard Gere
Hugh Grant
Pierce Brosnan

24 03 2009

Oh is Amelie Bunnykins cute and sweet.

1 is Will Smith
2 is Stephen King
3 is Kevin James as Doug Heffernan

24 03 2009

OOoooo very cute!

I would have to say:

Ewan mcgregor in anything
Keanu reeves (lush)
and ronan keating

🙂 thanks for the chance to win hunni

carly xx

25 03 2009
Nikki C

That Stamp is adorable
Fave Guys
1. Jason Statham ( Transporter)
2. Jensen Ackles (Supernatural)
3. Josh Holloway (Lost)

just realized they all start with J lol
thank you for the chance and I’ll add you into my blog 🙂

25 03 2009
cher blog, but my fav’s are Richard Gere, Clint Eastwood and Brad Pitt….ty for the chance. I would love to get international mail! how fun would that be…cher

25 03 2009

What a pity, I forgot my 3 Favorits 😦

They are:

Sean Connery
Jeremy Irons
Jhonny Depp



27 03 2009

I’ll have to go with…
1. Edward Cullen from Twilight too, he just makes my heart melt
2. Daniel Craig as Bond
3. David Boreanaz in anything at all.
have linked your candy in my sidebar – its gorgeous xx

27 03 2009

That is the cuteset bunny ever!
I wanna win Amelie Bunnykins!!! She’s too cute!

My fave top 3 are:

1. Johnny Depp
2. Sean Penn
3. Will Smith

Linked you on my blog’s sidebar. Thanks!!!

27 03 2009

This rabbit is so cute.
My fave 3 are:
-Hugo-Weaving in V for Vendetta
-Gérard Depardieu in Vidocq
and Jason Statham in Le Transporteur

28 03 2009

Hi 🙂

Great prize! Thanks for the chance to win.

My favourite male leads are ….

Books –
1.Roarke …. super gorgeous yummy hero in J D Robbs ‘In Death’ Series
2.All the Carpathian Vampires …. Hot! Hot! Hot! in Christine Feehans ‘Dark’ Series
Radio –
3. Chris Moyles – Radio 1 morning show – makes me laugh out loud!!!! 🙂

Teri xxx

28 03 2009
Heather Fullerton (Retired Heather)

Hi I have posted your candy on my sidebar <a href=”“Here
I adore anything with George Cloony and I love the men on NCIS and of course Richard Gere. Your bunny is great. Congrats

28 03 2009
Heather Fullerton (Retired Heather)

Somehow I messed up with my link above. My link is Here

28 03 2009

What an adorable image!! I don’t have a blog yet, but will tell all my crafy friends. My three favorite leading men are; George Clooney, Patrick Dempsey, and Kevin Costner. Thanks for the chance to win your candy.

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